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The Most Popular Smartphones 2018 : Samsung, Apple & Co.


The smartphone market in Germany dominate Samsung and Apple? That’s right – still! Lurking at No. 3 is a manufacturer that has not played a role lately.

Samsung and Apple clearly dominate the German mobile phone market. Alone the South Koreans provide with their Galaxy series almost half of all smartphones sold in this country in 2017. This is true at least for all this year on sparhandy.de sold devices on which these numbers are based. Accordingly, Samsung is with a market share of 46.3 percent clearly the most popular manufacturer of the Germans.

Huawei follows Apple at close range

Already with some distance follows Apple. The pioneer in the market for modern smartphones – the first iPhone celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017 – has a 28.7 percent market share. Relatively close on the heels are the Chinese from Huawei. With a share of 19.9 percent, they are not far behind 2nd place and could be dangerous to Apple in the next few years when it comes to the fight for the runner-up.

LG, Nokia, and HTC barely requested

According to Sparhandy, the other mobile phone manufacturers are clearly on the back burner. Only Sony achieved with 2 percent just a significant market share on Sparhandy. LG with 0.7 percent, Nokia with 0.6 percent and HTC with 0.4 percent play a very subordinate role. All other companies together amount to only 1.5 percent. Accordingly, the Top 20 of the most popular smartphone models 2017 (see photo series) consists only of mobile phones from Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.