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What is the Domain Price & Hosting Fees?

What is the Domain Price & Hosting Hire Fees?
What is the Domain Price & Hosting Hire Fees?

To make a website or blog one of them required a domain and hosting, then what is the cost for the purchase of domain and hosting rental? Before answering this question, let us review for a moment about the domain and hosting itself.

Domains are sometimes free like .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com or paid in annual terms according to the original purchase agreement. Domain or TLD there are rules of the game, meaning we can not make the TLD itself as desired, but a TLD has been determined, such as .com, .org, .net, .co, .biz, .asia, .edu and so forth. Domain .com is the most famous domain. For that, if you want to create a website, select the domain. Com first.

After the domain, the thing that can not be separated from it is the domain name or domain name. The definition or definition is a substitute name of a series of IP numbers used to detect a computer server, either on a computer or internet network. This means a server can be known existence and accessed by the domain. Domain names are often also termed for a website or website address, such as ‘alltutorial.net’ or ‘indoblog.co’ example. Domain name is no provision, it’s free as you wish, but still limited. This means that a domain name must use letters a, b, c, d, dst and or “-” without quotes, and or a row of numbers 1,2,3,4 ff. For example, alltutorial.net, all-tutorial.net, 4alltutorial.net.


Hosting or web hosting is a data storage in the form of computers that have been programmed specifically and internet-based, meaning sebauh data stored in the hosting can be accessed by anyone by using internet connection. For that a webhosting must have high class computer to be able to online 24 hours nonstop without ever die. Thus, there are web hosting services with all kinds of offers as needed. Starting from the price of 2,500 to 88,000 per month. The more expensive the spaceshes automatically or the larger the data storage. Typically, web hosting services also provide domain as well. For in Indonesia, the best and professional hosting service is PT. Master Web Network. Being abroad, Bluehost is the only web hosting that direct by wordpress. In both places you can choose a hosting service as needed as well as buy a domain and check the availability of domain names.

In conclusion, to create a website requires a domain fee and hosting rental of approximately between 110,000-1,136,000 per year. If using a free domain as mentioned above, no need to pay hosting rental fees because the domain and hosting already free in one package.